Lucan Community College School Uniform 2024/25

School Uniform - Available from School Warehouse* and other shops

  • Black crested jumper (School Warehouse only*)  
  • Crested light/heavy school coat (School Warehouse only*)
  • School Tie: red/grey/black striped (School Warehouse only*)
  • School Kilt (School Warehouse only*)
  • Grey trousers (must be proper school trousers – tracksuit or tight-fitting trousers are not acceptable) 
  • Grey or white shirt  
  • Black or grey socks/tights  

PE Uniform - Available from School Warehouse* and other shops

  • Crested tracksuit top (School Warehouse only*)
  • Black Crested Polo Shirt (School Warehouse) or Plain Black T-Shirt (no logo, wording, patterns or other colours permitted)
  • LCC tracksuit bottoms (School Warehouse) or Plain Black Tracksuit bottoms (no logo, wording, patterns or other colours permitted)
  • Optional extra – Black LCC Crested Sports Leggings (School Warehouse only*)

Footwear – Available from any shop 

  • Black footwear: The footwear must be completely plain black – this includes the sole, upper, laces and logo. No other colour or part-colour is permitted.
  • PE only: Any colour runners for PE that are suitable for multi-sports both indoors and outdoors 

Additional clarification of uniform/personal presentation school rules:

Physical Education is compulsory for all students in all years – this requires the PE uniform. Students should wear their full PE uniform to school on the day their class has timetabled PE or Leisure Pursuits.

Scarfs and headgear worn must match the colour of the school uniform.

A school coat is required - non-school coats will be confiscated in line with school rules. Remember that many of our corridors are in the open air.

Personal Presentation


Extreme hair styles affect the image of students and the school, as a result they are forbidden. Banned styles include but are not limited to:

  • shaved styles and/or patterns;
  • hair braided with another colour, etc;
  • hair must be a natural colour and cannot have dyed or highlighted sections;


  • Long false nails are not permitted. Nails should be a natural length.


  • Jewellery and rings may not be worn.
  • Piercings are not permitted (with the exception of one small stud earring in an ear lobe).
  • Students wearing any other piercings will be asked to remove them immediately.
  • Tattoos are strictly banned.

The Principal will have the final say in the matter of personal presentation.

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