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Welcome to the information page for Admissions to our college. Lucan Community College welcomes applications for all year groups and this page outlines how you should apply.

1st year applications take place on a date after 1st October each year for applicants currently in 6th class primary school. Applications must be on-time in order to be categorised as outlined in the Admission policy due to the high number of applications received each year. Transfer applications are invited from April to August of the year preceding admission.

Admissions 2025/26 and beyond

Change of residential catchment area

  • Parent/Guardians of primary school children should note that the board of management has made changes to the catchment area that will apply to all applications received in October 2024 for a place in the school year 2025/26 and following years. The consultation process ran during the 2022/23 school year and invited input from primary school principals and boards of managements, parents, staff members and all stakeholders. The survey showed that proximity to school was the highest priority for category placement in the opinion of these stakeholders. The board also noted the geographical position of feeder primary schools and other local second level schools when making their decision. The board of management made the change the catchment area applied to Category B applicants to increase the chances that applicants at closer proximity to the school will be offered a place. A copy of the relevant map is shown below for your information.

  • Map showing new Category B within new Category C boundary
  • We advise parents/guardians to check your address in relation to this information to ensure that you are aware of how this will affect your future application. A list of estate names within the updated catchment areas will be available as a guide when the new Admission Policy for 2025 is published.

Admissions 2024/25

  • 2024 1st year Application Form
  • This word version of the application form can be downloaded and completed electronically or by hand. Please ensure that you complete the receipt page also and attach two different household utility bills as proof of address. The closing date for applications for 1st year 2024 was 27th October 2023. All applications made after this date are classed as Late applications.
  • Admission Notice 2024
    • This document gives important dates and information about applying for a place in our school.
  • Admission Policy 2024
    • This policy gives all of the information you need in order to apply for a place in our school. Please read it carefully before you complete the application form as the information that you provide will effect the admission category into which your child is placed.

We run an Open Evening every second year for students in 5th/6th class in primary school so there will be no open day event held in 2023/24.

Please feel free to browse our prospectus: Lucan Community College – Prospectus

Transfer Applications for 2023
The period of time for on-time transfer applications is now closed and no places are available at this time. If you wish to make a late transfer application please complete this form and return to the school office: Transfer Applications

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What do I do if my child has been offered a place? You will receive a letter offering you a place and should return the enclosed Acceptance Form to the school office as soon as possible with relevant information attached. Please respect the deadline for receipt of Acceptance Forms as we have a long waiting list of people awaiting a place.
  • What do I do if my child has been refused a place? Please read the letter of refusal carefully and follow the instructions enclosed if you think that you have grounds for a review. Additional information and review forms are available below.
  • Please complete the BOMR1 Form and address it to The Secretary, Board of Management, Lucan Community College, Esker Drive, Lucan, Co Dublin. This form can only be submitted after you have received a letter of refusal from the school. The completed form must be submitted to the board of management within 21 calendar days from the date of the decision to refuse admission to the school. You must explain your grounds for making this request – Note: this request must be based on the implementation of the school’s admission policy and the content of the school’s annual admission notice. In that regard please specify why you consider that the school’s admission policy and/or admission notice were not applied correctly to your application for admission. You may attach additional documentation to your BOMR1 form if you wish.
  • If an Applicant is not satisfied with the decision of the board of management, or the board of management is not in a position to review the decision to refuse admission within 42 calendar days of initial refusal, the Applicant may apply to bring an appeal to an Appeals Committee established by the Minister for Education under section 29A of the Education Act 1998. Appeals must be made in writing on a ‘Section 29 application form’ and must be submitted to the Section 29 Appeals Administration Unit in the Department of Education. The Section 29 Appeal Form may be downloaded from the Department’s website or may be obtained directly from the Section 29 Appeals Administration Unit in the Department of Education. Contact details for the Unit are available on the Department’s website. As per the Department of Education’s ‘Procedures for hearing and determining appeals under section 29’, such an appeal must not be brought until the Applicant has received correspondence from the board of management in relation to the review, or until 42 calendar days have passed since the date of initial refusal and may not be brought later than 63 calendar days after the initial decision to refuse admission.
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