November Assessments 2023

November Assessments 2023

November Assessments 2023 Information

• Exams run from Monday 13th – Friday 17th November 2023.
• 3rd and 6th year exams Take place in GYM, HALL mainly. Other year groups have been assigned an area where their exams will take place. The most accurate version of the timetable will also be on the school website.
• Students should be familiar with the timetable and know what exams they have each day and what centres they are in.
• Students are not required to be in school if they do not have a timetabled exam. HOWEVER, if a student has an exam on both sides of morning break, then the student must remain in the building during morning break.
• 1st and 2nd year exams are timetabled for 60 minute (with 30 minutes study before their exam). All students must attend for the full 90 minute exam/study time. This time includes time for both the distribution and collection of examination papers. All other years are timetabled for a 90 minute
• Full uniform and all school rules and procedures apply at all times during the examinations.
• The use of mobile phones or other smart devices are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in any exam centre.
• Students must have their own pens, pencils, geometry sets, calculators with them. Borrowing of such equipment is not allowed. Students will be provided with all writing paper required. Students will be provided with Maths Tables where these are required for the exam.
• Students should use the bathroom before coming into the exam centre. It is very disruptive to other students when students leave the centre during an exam.
• Normal rules regarding attendance apply during exam times – if a student is absent when he/she is due to have an exam then a parent must inform the school of this. Students are expected to attend for all exams.
• There is not a facility to rearrange exams if a student is absent for an exam.
• Each student must make themselves fully aware of the following:
A candidate is liable to have his/her whole examination (i.e. his/her work in all subjects) cancelled if
(a)brings into the examination centre, or has in his/her possession or under his/her control any books,
notes, papers, mobile phone, electronic address book, data bank etc., other than his/her examination
paper or Answer Books etc*., supplied to him/her by the Supervising Teacher
(b) aids or attempts to aid another candidate;
(c) obtains or attempts to obtain aid from another candidate;
(d) communicates or attempts to communicate in any way with another candidate within the centre, or
by electronic means with a person outside the centre.
*including but not limited to for example:-iPods, MP3/4 Players, any products with an electronic
communication/storage device or digital facility.
Candidates must not be in possession of such devices whether switched on or not

Timetables for November Assessments 2023

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